«We are so proud and happy to have Choice’s team onboard! They work really hard to be always getting into top papers. They are the best of the best!»

Marta Koziarz, Junior PR Manager at AirHelp


«I highly recommend the services of Choice. In 2017 LNP decided to renew its image and website, having hired Choice for this purpose. The process and results were totally pleasing:

  • Ability to listen and understand the customer, combined with creativity and design - surprising in the proposal of image and brand identity, and despite the innovation of the design I've completely indentified LNP;
  • Guidance for appropriate customer solutions - providing specific know-how and proactive advice in communication matters, with the concern of validation and explanation of changes / options;
  • Professionalism in customer relations - during the process, any difficulties, questions or needs were openly discussed and appropriate solutions were defined and implemented.»

Luísa Neto Pereira

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«For several years, Nestlé can rely on Choice professionalism in the development of several corporative communication materials. Each project has been marked by passion and commitment and we are very happy to maintain this partnership.»

Deolinda Nunes, Nestlé Portugal Corporative Relations Director


«Choice is a regular, longstanding partner which is extremely reliable in producing editorials for the Bank. This is demonstrated by the quality of our customer newsletters and the recurring distinctions achieved by our Annual Report. A highly valued partner – it would be selfish of us not to recommend the company to others.»

Mário São Vicente, Communication Department

«Choice demonstrates competence in its services and is always very close to Bristol-Myers Squibb in its day-to-day activities, sharing opinions and know-how. If I had to choose one word to describe the company, it would undoubtedly be PROXIMITY. The highly regulated market of the pharmaceutical industry requires innovative and workable ideas, and that’s what we get from Choice’s team.»

Mariana Rasteiro, Bristol-Myers Squibb Portugal Public Affairs & Communication Manager

«Responsibility, high standards and rigour. Choice has a long track record of providing Fidelidade with a dynamic professional service, distinguished by constant cooperation with the Customer and oriented towards achieving ongoing improvements and adapting to different needs.»

Ana Duarte, Fidelidade Marketing Department – Communication and Innovation

«The decision to contract Choice to prepare Siemens Portugal’s Annual Report was based on criteria of good execution capability, added value in development of the publication and an attractive price / quality ratio. It’s clearly a flexible agency that provides solutions complemented by excellent back-up. We’ll be counting on Choice for future work.»


«Choice is a very important partner in our communication strategy. Always available, dedicated and, above all, highly professional. We will continue to count on Choice for many years and for many paralympic cycles, to help maximize the impact and visibility of the Paralympic Movement.»

Portugal Paralympic Committee

«When you work with Choice there is a real partnership and a high level of proactivity. One of Choice’s main features is the number of women on its team, who can provide insights into issues that perhaps we are not so aware of. Women are Pollux's main target public, so we are able to take advantage of Choice’s sensitivities in this area, an example of specific know-how that has helped us a lot.»

António Manuel Robalo, Administrator

«I work with many agencies, but Choice is one of a kind. Very fast and punctual sending the materials. The quality of the advertisements is always great. They are excellent professionals. Congratulations.»

Natália Franco, Eventos de Sonho magazine director

eventos sonho