There’s a new restaurant in town and we are communicating it. It’s called Madragoa Vinhos e Petiscos («brother» of Madragoa Café´restaurant) and we are responsible for the communication materials, press advisory and website.

Besides the writing, we developed the website design, were the two spaces are presented, both situated in Rua da Esperança, in Santos-o-Velho –

Choice designed and developed a microsite to advertise the Annual Report and Sustainability Report 2010 AMORIM over the internet.

The multimedia platform developed by Choice also includes a corporate brochure, a sustainability brochure – whose printed editions were also Choice responsibility –, besides other publications published or supported by the cork world leader company. The microsite also includes a movie produced by APCOR – Cork Portuguese Association – about the unique and inimitable particularities of this natural raw material.

The solution developed this year is an evolution of online projects developed in recent years by Choice for the spread of the CORTICEIRA AMORIM report and accounts.

Choice was chosen by Millennium Angola to develop multimedia animations presenting the Internet Banking and Mobile Banking services. The work consisted of the elaboration of the informative contents and development of its animations, to which the clients were able to access through an interactive area of the Bank’s digital newsletters, sent altogether with the October account statements.

The animations are now available on the website Millennium Angola has been working with Choice since the beginning of 2013 for the elaboration of its newsletters to Prestige and Corporate Clients.

Choice was responsible for layout, programming and for the contents of the new website and is responsible for ensuring its online update. The new website provides information on services, as well as a portfolio of images with set decoration and catering from Páteo Velho.

Created twenty years ago, the company Páteo Velho, located in the district of Alenquer, is specialized in catering and events decoration.

Choice was chosen by Amorim & Irmãos, Cork’s Business Unity of Corticeira Amorim, for the production of texts for the company’s new site. With this work, the agency increases its content’s portfolio, which currently includes health, insurance, banking, nutrition, home, sports, culture and, now, cork areas. The new information support renews the online communication with the wine industry, restaurants, opinion makers, internal and external audience.

Its main objectives are to communicate the advantages of cork stoppers as a natural closure, to show the company’s innovation and investment in highly developed technology and I&D applied in the production of Amorim cork stoppers and to publish its portfolio. The texts produced by Choice include the entire cork cycle, from cork oak forests to its application in cork stoppers, as well as in design, industry, aeronautic projects, among others.

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