The largest producer and supplier of cork materials in the world chose Choice to write the contents for the corporative website, available in

Refresh the language, distinguish Corticeira Amorim as the cork sector leader and highlight the Company’s innovative profile were the three main challenges proposed to Choice. The agency ensured the new corporative website’s contents, in a consumer oriented perspective, instead of an institutional outlook, highlighting Corticeira Amorim’s core business, R&D and Sustainability areas. The website’s objective is to communicate the association between cork industry and news applications for cork, Corticeira Amorim iconic projects and portfolio. The contents produced by Choice comprehend the cork’s cycle, from the tree to its application, not only in cork stoppers but also in areas such as design, industry and aeronautics, among others.

Within the celebration of ten years of Millennium banque privée activity, in 2013, Choice has developed a corporate presentation to communicate the bank’s activity.

Choice was responsible for the writing, design and programming of the corporate presentation that Millennium banque privée sent to customers and potential customers to mark the first decade of operation. The communication was developed from a dynamic file, compatible with the modern communication technologies.

Choice ensures the regular updates of Bristol-Myers Squibb websites in Portugal and Spain.

These are the main communication channels to share information about the Company, both with the general public and healthcare professionals.

As a result of the institutional rebranding created to the launch of the single brand of Fidelidade insurance group, with the integration of Fidelidade Mundial e Império Bonaça, Choice was responsible for the fusion of the two site of the company for the communication with the insurance brokers.

My Fidelidade website, the combination of My IB and My FM websites, is a restricted acess tool for Fidelidade’s professionals that communicates campaigns and commercial cycles, products, sales objectives, competitions ranking, travels and other themes. Therefore, insurance brokers can visit the site to consult their results, news and share phoros of their trips, among other possibilities.

Choice was responsible for the websites of Império Bonança (since 2008) and Fidelidade Mundial insurance brookers (since 2009) and continues to manage the website of Fidelidade insurance brookers.

A Choice criou e desenvolveu a newsletter em formato electrónico «Focus», veículo de comunicação interna da farmacêutica Bristol-Myers Squibb. A agência é responsável pela elaboração dos conteúdos e actualização periódica desta newsletter. Esta plataforma resultou da vontade de inovar na comunicação com os colaboradores, assim como reforçar a interactividade destes com a empresa.

A «Focus» destina-se exclusivamente aos colaboradores da companhia, que usufruem de diversas funcionalidades, tais como: recepção da newsletter em formato electrónico via e-mail com link directo ao respectivo site, consulta do histórico das edições e interactividade através do envio de comentários, fotografias e vídeos.

A Choice desenvolve a Focus desde 2004.

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