Choice was responsible for the graphic production of the flyer and mailing of the 1st Scientific Inquiry for the Satisfaction for the Insurance Brokers in Portugal.

The flyer explained the action and the way to access the website "Como está? FM IB”. Two letters were also produced: the first one with the message from President of the Board of Directors and the second was a reminder about the inquiry. The mailing was send to the insurance brokers network in the envelope with the image created to the initiative.

Image creation and application in several companies of the EDP universe in Portugal, Spain, Brazil and USA.

The Welcome Pack is a tool used for the corporative reception and integration process in all EDP Group companies. The goal is to facilitate the employees integration, giving them a gift pack with motivation and identification with the company key messages.

Choice created the stand present in universities dedicated to attract young people for the biggest Portuguese company in the production, commercialization and distribution of electricity and gas.

The stand is fully customized with the new image of EDP and the recruitment program «On Top», becoming a bridge of contact with young people potentially interested in working in EDP. The structure created by Choice can be adapted to several exposition dimensions and it offers audio visual equipment with the possibility of visitor’s interactivity.

Creation, design and appliance of the group’s brands logos. Choice created new logos for the brands of this national touristic group, which were applied in communication materials and advertising.

Under a safety at work project, Choice has developed and produced for Zagope a incident pyramid that was distributed in all countries where the construction firm is present. The challenge: create a pyramid-shaped object in which workers can deposit information related to any accidents that they have been involved.

The goal: enable Zagope to develop an information repository to facilitate the analysis of construction work accidents consequences and to adopt preventive measures. Given these two requirements, Choice designed and produced an information box in the shape of Bird Pyramid. It was instaled in Zagope works in Lisbon, Madeira and also in Africa, especially in countries such as Angola, Republic of Congo, Equatorial Guinea, Guinea, Mozambique and Algeria. Choice’s work involved design and production of the pyramids, as well as the instruction manual.

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