Creativity and production of a full presentation pack of the real estate project «Jardins de São Lourenço», a prestigious condominium in Lisbon.

The pack consists of a brochure, information sheets and a prestige folder. Choice has developed all the creativity, including text edition, layout, and graphic production.

Creation and creative conception of a new Guide.

Choice was responsible for the creation of the 8th edition of the guide, being responsible for the pagination and proofreading.

Choice produced the institutional presentation of CORTICEIRA AMORIM. It is part of an informative package that includes the reports and accounts of the company about the activity in 2009.

Edited in Portuguese and English, it as a paper version and is published in a microsite, also created by Choice.

Choice was responsible for layout, design and graphic production of this informative support in a bilingual format.

The brochure graphically reflects the EDP’s new brand image, applying icons of the brand to tell «stories» with which the audience can identify and / or transmit the values and mission of the company. The «On Top Recruitment Program» brochure is aimed at an academic audience - nationally and internationally.

Choice developed a set of institutional flyers that communicate the goals and implementation of National Strategies in the areas of Development, Security and Multilateral Cooperation.

The created image represents the potential of the intellectual and human development in those countries, puts aside stereotypes and shows the amplitude of the Portuguese language.

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