The publication features the 14 Competence Centres of Siemens in Portugal, which act in the energy, infrastructures, health, technologies of information and shared services areas.

These centres provide services and solutions in Siemens world, supplying 190 countries in five continents.

For the first time, Siemens Angola produced a brochure about its activity in Angola.

Making an initial framework of Siemens’ activity in the world and in Africa, this brochure shows the activity of the company in Angola. Through the infrastructures, industry, energy and health areas, Siemens is supporting the country in the fulfilment of its economic potential, contributing for a sustained grow of Angola.

Choice was responsible for the texts writing, pagination and proofreading.

Choice developed a triptych for portway, a ground handling company at the Portuguese airports. This document, in English, presents the company’s performance highlights in 2012.

Choice was responsible for the information gathering, contents, layout and pagination. The agency was also responsible for the CD label layout, which was included in the triptych, such as multimedia and the CD recording.

Choice developed a collection of documents with the real estate assets integrated in the investment funds managed by SQUARE A.M.

The set included the construction lots, approved projects for urban rehabilitation in historical zones, farms and habitation homes.

The assets are presented individually in A4 format or in a mini brochure, with a graphic concept inspired in the SQUARE A.M. image.

With this portfolio the company shows its national real estate to clients and potential clients, in an appealing and creative way, through the differentiation of segments by colours and the use of icons, maps and localization images.

Nestlé elected Choice to update its corporate brochure.

Choice was responsible for the development of the 2015 edition of Nestlé’s corporate brochure. This corporate communication tool aims to disseminate Nestlé business areas and the Company’s performance. The agency’s work consisted on the pagination, proofreading and final artwork of the document.

This was the second time that Nestlé consigned its corporate brochure to Choice.

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