balao redCHOICE, a truly global communication agency, is 100% Portuguese, stable, multidisciplinary and highly experienced in the provision of communication and image services.

We started out in 2003, with the vision that communication should serve business. Ever since that day, we have responded to this and all challenges with a commitment to clarity, accuracy and efficiency. We work with clients from both the public and private sectors, covering such areas as financial services, insurance, real estate, health, food, industry, commerce, energy, information technologies, tourism and sports.

We are rightly proud of the important awards we have garnered for our work on Reports and Accounts, particularly our collaborations with Millennium bcp and Corticeira Amorim.

12 years later, we are still making a difference through the way we work, involving ourselves in our clients’ communication projects, striving to go further. This is our choice.

Who is Choice?

  • Mission
  • Ambition
  • Values
  • Why choose us?

We are a communication partner for companies and brands, helping them to strengthen bonds with their clients. Our mission is:

balao red To provide integrated communication services that equip companies/brands with to tools they need to achieve their objectives.

balao red To respond to new challenges with attractive and innovative ideas.

balao redTo be an ethical, reliable and trustworthy business, deserving of clients’ approval and endorsement.

balao redTo contribute to our employees well-being and their job satisfaction.

balao redTo be the first choice.

balao redTo be happy.

More than just a choice, we want to be the choice.

What we want:

balao red To be close to our clients and their realities, to better understand and respond successfully to their communication needs;

balao red To reinforce and diversify our team's expertise, with the goal of increasing effectiveness and efficiency;

balao red To be seen as integrated communication partners, providing diversified services and state-of-the-art tools.

As an agency, we value the quality of our work, the fulfilment of our commitments and our honesty. The values that guide us reflect our character, the way we act and the sound basis on which we want to build.

balao red Professionalism

balao red Ethics

balao red Transparency

balao red Thoroughness

balao red Passion

balao red Reliability

balao red Responsibility

balao red Consistency

12 years of experience in the Portuguese market

25 years of professional experience in corporate communication

A committed, ethically centred and dedicated team

In-depth experience of providing regular communication services to clients across a range of sectors

Full adaptability to new clients and projects


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